About us_ Offices of the Inspectorate

Functions of the Inspectorate

  • The Inspectorate is responsible for:
  1. Conducting Licensing Inspections of premises and recommendation for issuance of License (Clearance) or otherwise
  2. Conducting planned Routine Inspection visits of Registered Premises to monitor Compliance
  3. Conducting Random unannounced  Inspection visits of Registered Premises to validate Inspection Reports and as sanctioned by the Registrar
  4. Conducting Investigative Inspection visits of Registered Premises as sanctioned by the Registrar and/ or as requirement of an Investigative proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee
  5. Closure of premises where evidence of violations of the Act and Regulations are conducted and/ or where Pharmacy practices inimical to the Protection of Health and Safety of the general public are being conducted



Structure and Staffing  

The Inspectorate has a Central Structure and Four Regional structures. The Central Structure is responsible oversees Western 1 & 2 Health Regions.


Central Inspectorate Staff

There is the Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector and an Inspector assigned at the Central Level. Central Inspectorate is responsible for Western Health Region 1& 2 and also has oversight responsibility for monitoring compliance country-wide. The Chief Inspector shall sanction quarterly monitoring visits and any other exigent investigative visit based on reports and /or as directed by the Registrar.

Regional inspectorate

There are inspectors assigned in the regions: one to NBR-West, one to NBR-East and LRR, one to CRR and another to URR. All regional Inspectors shall report to the Registrar through the Chief Inspector. Reports are to be submitted to the Chief Inspector at the agreed dates to allow time for review and submission by the Chief Inspector to the Registrar at the agreed reporting timelines.