Offices of the Registrar

Functions of Registrar

  1. the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Council
  2. the registration of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Dispensing Assistants and operators of drug outlets
  3. the proper management of the funds, property and business of the Council
  4. the personnel management and development, organization, control and discipline of the employees of the Council
  • The Registrar shall perform any other functions determined by the Council
  • The Registrar shall be the Council’s Accounting Officer with such financial responsibilities as may be provided for under the relevant Acts and or other Laws/Regulations of The Gambia.


Delegation of functions

  • The Registrar may delegate a function to an officer of the Council but shall not be relieved from the ultimate responsibility for the performance of the delegated function.

Administrative and Financial transactional Matters

Functions of the Admin and Finance Officer

  • The Admin and Finance Officer is delegated the responsibility of handling the customers’ administrative and financial matters with the Secretariat
  • The Admin and Finance Officer also discharges duties and responsibilities as indicated in Letter of Employment and Terms of Reference of the job.
  • The Admin and Finance Officer shall perform any other functions determined by the Registrar
  • Receives, files -in/-out all Admin and Financial transaction matters and documentations
  • Register and keep books of accounts of  all written communications, all administrative and financial transaction documents


  • The Secretariat shall make available relevant transactional documents online through where feasible. However, official receipt and evidence of payment of prescribed fees where applicable must be authenticated by the Admin and Finance Officer to quality for official recognition by the Secretariat.


  • The Office Assistant is responsible for house-keeping matters of the Secretariat and any other functions determined by the Admin and Finance Officer
  • The Inspectorate Department of the Secretariat is charged with the responsibility of conducting inspections as a process leading to licensing of premises and other enforcement  inspections responsibilities per Pharmacy Council Act, 2014 and  Pharmacy Regulations 2018
  • Registration of Pharmaceutical Personnel for certification to practice Pharmacy and Regulations of Pharmacy Education is under the Office of the Registrar. The Exams and Standards Committee  has Policy and Operational Oversight in the dispensation of these two responsibilities.