This is to inform all registrants and general public that applications are now open for:

1. Renewal of practice certificate and premises license

2. Registration of personnel

3. Internship

All registrants and operators are to take note that deadline for renewal of practice certificate and premises license is Wednesday, 31st  March, 2021. All are thus ask to renew their status before deadline to avoid regulatory measures including temporary closure of premises and fines.

All fresh graduates are to undergo a twelve (12) months internship as certified by the Council before you are eligible to sit for pre-registration examination. An applicant who demonstrates evidence of at least three (3) years of post- qualification practice shall undergo a three (3) months internship before sitting for pre-registration examination. Exams are held twice annually by end of March and end of November.

Wholesale pharmacy operators are reminded that it is illegal to distribute/wholesale to customers/ institutions that are not licensed. It is also illegal to distribute/wholesale medicines and related products without appropriate documentation. All distribution/wholesale invoices shall clearly capture:  the name of customer/ institution; license number, description of the medicines and related products, batch/lot number as well as expiry date of all medicines and related products distributed/supplied. Any wholesale pharmacy found   wanting   shall   be   brought   before   the   Disciplinary   Committee. Disciplinary actions include permanent or temporary suspension of practice and/ or license or administrative fines of up to one hundred thousand dalasi (D100, 000.00).

Retail pharmacy/drugstore operators are reminded that it is illegal to purchase stock of medicines and related products from illegal distributors/wholesalers. It is also illegal to dispense POM medicines without a prescription. All transactions involving controlled medicines are to be appropriately documented and filed.   Also note that drugstore operators are prohibited to stock controlled medicines.

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